Connell Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas is grateful for its staff and facilities and cordially offers them for use in ceremonies of Christian marriage. It is expected that those using the church's facilities for a wedding will have a relationship to Connell Baptist Church. The church is happy to offer you these resources: counseling, planning for music, the physical setting for the ceremony, and a coordinator to consult in use of property for your wedding. We encourage you to commit your marriage to God from the very beginning. It is our hope that your being a part of a wedding ceremony in our church will bring you abiding joy and result in many happy memories.
Connell Baptist Church shares your wish that your wedding ceremony reflect the joy that you feel on that important day. We believe that you will appreciate and share the church's conviction that the ceremony must reflect the spirit of Christ. In love and concern, the following guidelines are established for wedding ceremonies in Connell Baptist Church. These guidelines should be read carefully and relevant information should be shared with the caterer, florist, photographer, and others in the wedding party.
If you have any questions please contact us.